How you can Set up Your own Metal Locking Mail box

Supplies you’ll need:

Flexible wrench
4 rubble or even stones
two totes associated with cement
Pail or even wheelbarrow by which to combine the actual cement
Drinking water
Spade as well as shovel or even publish pit digger
These types of directions

Set up

Your own mail box as well as publish include 4 buggy mounting bolts as well as cleaners as well as acorn nut products. With one of these you’ll place the actual mounting bolts with the bottom from the publish dish. You will find openings currently drilled within the base from the mail box and also the dish. These types of openings complement. In the within the mail box location the actual cleaners as well as acorn nut products on to the actual buggy mounting bolts as well as tighten up all of them by having an flexible wrench.

Set up

Because the Ough. Utes. Postal Support demands particular elevation as well as range in the road you’ll adhere to individuals needs. Mailboxes should be set up in a elevation associated with 41-45 in . through the top of street towards the within ground from the mail box or even the idea associated with postal mail admittance with regard to locking mailboxes.
Mailboxes should be set up 6-8 in . in the entrance encounter from the suppress or even street advantage towards the mail box doorway.
Very first, calculate as well as search the actual publish pit regarding 6 in . heavy as well as 20 in . sq . therefore you’ll have a strong system associated with cement towards the top of the actual pit.
3rd, sand wedge the actual 4 rubble upon each one of the 4 encounters from the publish in order to strengthen this. Following, degree the actual publish prior to the cement is actually put.
Put within the cement.
Next, you might connect the actual mail box towards the publish. Make sure to slim the actual mail box somewhat ahead whenever setting up this to ensure that rainfall may elope. It’s proper in a degree of the fifty percent bubble ahead slim.

This is the final period you’ll actually have to set up your own metal locking mail box. It’ll last for several years in the future.

Make sure to keep the mail box secured. The actual postal mail company doesn’t have a vital. Just you’ve the actual secrets. It is necessary that you should keep the crucial quantity is really a secure location. After that, should you shed your own secrets you are able to purchase brand new secrets.


Upkeep is straightforward. From time to time you are able to thoroughly clean from the mail box as well as essential oil the actual depends on the leading doorway. Your own mail box will remain searching excellent as well as operating efficiently. That’s just about all you will have to perform. Even though your own metal locking mail box will get filthy, it’ll usually avoid postal mail thievery and can endure any kind of effect through will be vandals.

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