It’s Okay to Cry in the Shower

When you already feel frustrated, and you don’t know what to do, you want to cry. However, you don’t want to shed tears in front of other people. At work, it might be a sign of weakness. If you do it in front of your family, they might worry about you. Therefore, you end up crying it out when you’re alone inside the shower room. It might seem like a scene in a movie, but it happens everywhere. If you also tried doing it before, it’s okay. There’s no need to feel embarrassed if you cry while you’re bathing.

You need a way to release your emotions

You’re like everyone else, and you also need to release your feelings. You can’t keep it inside you for a long time. It’s unhealthy, and it will come out in other ways. Before you end up having mental issues, you need to learn how to cry it out if necessary.

No one can see you 

When you’re alone in the shower, no one will judge you. You don’t need to fear about what other people have to say about your overwhelming emotions. You also don’t need to think that your children will worry about you. It’s a safe space, and you have to make the most of it.

You want to feel better and keep fighting

You cry now because you feel terrible. However, it doesn’t mean you want to stay there forever. You release your emotions now because you hope things will get better soon. You also want to think about the next steps. Once you step out of the shower room, you feel more prepared to conquer the world. You might even have a plan on how to solve your problems. The goal is for you to release that terrible emotion and start over again.

You need other means of expressing yourself

There’s nothing wrong in crying alone while bathing. However, it’s not the only way for you to release your emotions. You need to start learning how to let go of how you feel. You can talk to a confidante. It feels better once you finished talking to another person. You can also see a mental health expert if you keep on having the same issues. It helps to have someone process your feelings and offer useful pieces of advice. Eventually, you will learn how to express your emotions outside the shower. You can still do it occasionally, but you already have other means available. It’s easier for you to feel relieved with these tools available.

To make your bathing experience even better, you have to consider buying shower enclosures. You will feel more relaxed in the shower room. You don’t have to associate bathing with crying. You can use your time to feel good about yourself. Bathing for an extended time could also be your reward for achieving a milestone. Find a way to improve your bathroom since it’s your safe space at home.




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