What better way to blend with the environment than build a log cabin home? Log cabin homes come in various types and sizes all determined by your budget. In this article we will take you on a journey to better understand these types of homes.


The durability of log homes is to be admired. Some log homes in Russia have been around for 1000 years, and most log homes in Europe are dated 800 years. Clearly the durability of these homes is outstanding. It is a lifetime, or rather, a generational investment.

Construction Cost

The construction cost of log homes varies. The costs actually depend on the geographical location and the contractor you will hire. You would also want to put into account the construction materials. Durable construction would be slightly expensive but worthwhile. You will have to go with the notion that cheap is expensive to overlook the cost burden.

Aesthetic Value and going green

With the right contractor, the craftsmanship that would be put in your log home would be breathtaking. Your home would be constructed as per your preference and to blend in with nature. You would be building you dream home, and at the same time putting into account the environment around you.

What are the Cons?

Some of the cons of constructing log cabin homes include:

  • Insurance concerns – The remote location of these homes makes it hard to insure them.
  • Pests – Log homes are made out of wood, which are prone to pest attack if not well treated.
  • Maintenance costs – Every type of home requires maintenance and log homes are no exception.

To limit these cons and to build the best log cabin home as per your budget, I would suggest you reach out to East Texas custom home builders. It is time to create your dream home with the experts who would advise and guide you.


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