The Top Reasons Why More Property Owners are Choosing to Restore Old Oak Beams 

If you have a piece of property and it has been around for a long time, then you would know how important it would be to keep it intact and try to restore it as much as you can so you can benefit from its timeless appeal. Old properties with oak beams are considered prime properties in the UK, and these historical properties are often the pride of their owners. But if you are trying to choose between restoring your property’s oak beams or leaving them as is, here are the top reasons why more property owners are choosing to restore old oak beams today.

  1. They have a truly timeless and elegant appeal 

One absolutely good reason to restore your old oak beams is to restore their timeless and elegant beauty. Whilst oak will weather very well – and will look even better with age – it can sometimes be made to look even more appealing if you restore it to its past glory. The timber does acquire a lot more character through the years as it is exposed to the elements, and it can acquire a unique and worn-in appearance with the formation of tiny splits called shakes. But if you have old oak beams and you want them to look even more elegant, you can have them carefully restored and finished so they can be doubly protected and become stronger than before. When they are restored, the light coming in will diffuse more easily on the beams, which gives any room or space a softer, warmer glow. Oak beams that have been restored will look even more attractive as the dirt, grime, and residue of years has been stripped away, and they can have a distinctive, pleasant smell that a lot of people love.

  1. You can choose your style 

When you have your oak beams restored, especially if they are restored by real specialists and experts such as, you can choose your style and finish. It’s a highly-versatile wood, which means that it will look appealing in any space – and this also gives you an array of choices when you choose to have them restored. For instance, you can opt for different oak wood finishes, from a warm oak finish to a traditional finish to a weathered finish, according to what you prefer and what looks best for the space. The finish is certain to add to its rustic appeal, which adds more character to it as well.

  1. You can benefit from stronger, more durable timber

Oak is already famous for its strength as well as durability, and this is why it lasts for hundreds of years. But if you have it restored, you can benefit from stronger wood that is even more durable than before. The restoration process will strengthen the wood and protect it from infestation, and it will also make it stronger so it can withstand the elements for many more years. Even if oak is a material that becomes stronger as it ages, it can still benefit from restoration so it doesn’t wear down as easily.

With proper restoration, you can make your old oak beams look even more beautiful and you can make them safer and more resilient than ever.


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