What You Should Know about Patrick Shin Lawsuit

From a small company with just one employee, Nan Inc. has now become a multimillion dollar business with more than 700 people working for it. There is a lot of hard work, dedication and effort that goes into establishing such a company and this is what Patrick Shin has done. He is the owner and founder of Nan Inc. and came to the United States from South Korea. He attended Bowling Green State University on a football scholarship where he majored in business administration.

Then, he moved to Hawaii where he worked in a construction firm for two years before setting up Nan Inc. in 1990. Three decades later, Nan Inc. has become the largest locally owned and operated company in all of Hawaii, with its office based in Honolulu. Patrick Shin himself is known in the state as a businessman as well as a generous philanthropist.

He worked tirelessly to give his company a boost. As mentioned earlier, when Patrick Shin launched Nan Inc., he only had one laborer, but he was adamant to do any and all work that came his way. Installing a road sign was the first project he undertook. Every single project was delivered with the same level of quality and transparency, which has helped Nan Inc. develop a strong reputation in the entire industry. It is the reason that they were able to get massive multibillion dollar projects and have already completed more than 3,500 of them.

It earned the honor of being Honolulu’s rail contactor and that’s how the whistleblower lawsuit came about. What you should know about Patrick Shin lawsuit is that it was filed in 2019 by a former employee of Nan Inc. who was fired. This was a wrongful termination lawsuit, where the ex-employee alleged that he was fired upon warning the company regarding their ‘illegal practices’. In July, a court ruled in favor of Nan Inc., which indicates that the company was in the right when they let him go.

The man had alleged that he had spoken to the company’s president, Patrick Shin and told to mind his own business, but no such thing had occurred. According to the founder, the outcome of the lawsuit is a validation for all employees of the construction firm and explains why it has had a positive reputation in the community for the last three decades and has continued to climb up the popularity ladder.

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